Our standard concert programme of approximately 60 minutes is a journey through the seasons of the year, presented in a unique mix of medieval Latin chants with the contemporary English-language poetry of Hilary Stobbs.

In our performance we try to create a peaceful and meditative atmosphere, filled with heavenly sounds and poignant images drawn from the world of nature as well as the images drawn from the main Christian festivals of the year, articulated around the cardinal points (Autumn equinox: Michaelmas / Winter solstice: Christmas / Spring equinox: Easter / Summer solstice: St.John’s - midsummer).

In our performance we sing into the particular acoustic and spiritual resonance of each individual building. In this way, we aim to help audiences experience the musical and devotional atmosphere of a medieval church, abbey or cathedral - all originally designed specifically for the singing of plainchant.

We also endeavour, whenever possible, to acknowledge the particular heritage of individual churches in our programme, e.g. a patron saint, a founding figure, or an important event in spiritual history. We would consult with host churches about this.