Raising Funds For Historic Buildings

It is part of our core mission to help raise funds for charitable causes, and especially for the maintenance or restoration of historic buildings (parish churches, abbeys, cathedrals) originally conceived for the singing of Gregorian chant.

For example, we are working towards presenting a project at the historic church of St. Mary’s Priory in Tutbury, Staffordshire, to help raise funds for the restoration of their unique 12th century alabaster tympanon over the West portal.

We hope to present a workshop for the general public as well as an evening concert which will include original poetry by Hilary Stobbs specially written for this occasion and this church, as well as special musical selections for the patron saint of Tutbury parish church, the Virgin Mary.

All of this is will be designed in close collaboration with a local, parish based fundraising campaign which aims to raise awareness of the beauty and history of St. Mary’s, originally a Benedictine monastery, while highlighting its great need for restoration.

We are happy to hear from you and to work with you to design bespoke events for the needs of your precious building.

Raising Funds For Historic Buildings